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gymnasium / leaving exam, different jobs in airline business and banking.

Studies of psychology and psychopathology at the University of Salzburg, graduated in 1981.

Post-graduate-education as a psychological counsellor

at the Alfred Adler-Institute in Zurich/Switzerland.

management consultant in executive search (search and selection of leading personnel),

training and coaching of CEO´s, coaching for top-sellers.

Supervision of leading personnel in various branches of economy, education, health , government and non-government organizations.

Couple- and sexual therapist; education counselling.

1988 – dato: human factors training for cockpit crew of Austrian Air Force and airlines (CRM/LOSA).

Training of security personnel/bomb squads at civil airports.

Clinical and health psychologist /

Member of Swiss Adlerian Society of Individual Psychology /

Ernst Cloeter, Ph.D.

human factors training

Languages: German, English, Portuguese (Brazil)

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